Kalimor Cedar " Ferdie" born 27/03/98 - 28/12/09
Kalimor Buzz "Buzz" born 4/4/08

owned by Saffron Barker & family

I first met Saffron in 1998 when she was looking for a Weimaraner puppy. She was expecting her first child and I don't sell pups to pregnant women.....usually.
Saffron visited the pups almost every day and convinced me that she was capable of coping with a baby and a puppy and so Ferdie went to live with her. She certainly coped and took on a rescue bitch as well who lived the remainder of her years in front of her fire. She also had another male from a friend of mine who unfortunately became ill and died aged 6.
In 2008 she was back for Kalimor number two, and Buzz went to join her happy family, which by this time had expanded to four children and a few ponies.
We keep in touch and she visits regularly and I consider her to be a good friend.
Saffron has just spoken to me to say that Ferdie has had a stroke and died very suddenly. They are all heartbroken as Ferdie was a dog in a million and will be sorely missed by them all.
Thank you Saffron for giving him the very best of everything throughout his life.
Buzz was  joined, a few years ago, by Otto the weimaraner.....a very sweet chap......... and recently a kitten.